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cute_crafts's Journal

clay figure bunny
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If you enjoy cuteness, and crafts, you have come to the right place! :) Whether they be clay figures, homemade plushies, even drawings, feel free to post pictures of your work, how you created it, links to cute craft sites, and whatever else you can think of that pertains to cute crafts! ^_^ Hooray!

Yes, it's yet another craft community, haha

I realize "cute" is a relative term. So I'm not gonna make some concrete definition of what is or isn't cute enough for this community; if you think it's cute, then that's good enough for me! However, if your interpretation of "cute" includes like, Hitler eating babies or something, don't blame me for the comments you get. haha Hopefully this will not be a problem, though.

Please be respectful of all the artists that post their work here, and don't reuse their images without asking and getting their permission first :) Thank you!

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